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Soldier gets dog back ex sold: Robby Gabbert, Baxter will reunite

A soldier will get the dog back his ex sold on Craigslist
Photo via SavinGodsAngels' Twitter

A soldier gets the dog back his ex sold on Craigslist after the story went viral online. Robert Gabbert is deployed in Afghanistan right now, and he had placed his dog Baxter with his girlfriend before he left. Unfortunately, things went sour and for a while it looked like man and his best friend would be permamently separated. E! Online shared the details on Wednesday.

Gabbert learned that his now ex-girlfriend had sold his dog, and he went to Craigslist to plead for help. Though the Craigslist post has since been deleted, people rallied behind Gabbert and leapt into action. A Facebook page was made and people started digging to figure out where the Shiba Inu went.

Soon Baxter was located, but that wasn't the end of the story. The new family, after having Baxter for a week, initially refused to give the dog back to Gabbert. The solider's mother said that the family indicated that their children had grown attached to the dog, according to KOAA.

Money was raised to offer to the family with Baxter. In addition, the Colorado Shiba Inu rescue even offered to help find a new pet for the family. Some of the Facebook page organizers said they even found an attorney who was willing to help facilitate things, ensuring that the family involved was able to remain private.

Luckily it seems this one will have a happy ending. The KOAA Facebook page shared that the family involved has said they will return Baxter. The Facebook page to help find Baxter has been removed, and the parties involved are still working on an agreement to ensure the soldier gets the dog back his ex sold.

At this point there's no word regarding why the girlfriend did such a thing. In addition, some wonder why the family who bought Baxter is seemingly making it this difficult. That said, the good news is that this soldier gets his dog back that his ex sold, so Robby Gabbert will know that Baxter is safely waiting for him when he returns from Afghanistan in about six months.

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