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‘Solarix’ promises a different approach to the FPS

‘Solarix’ promises a different approach to the FPS-slide0
Pulsetense Games

Shooting games are a dime a dozen, so you’ve got to have that X-factor, something super cool to make it stand out.

‘Solarix’ promises a different approach to the FPS
Pulsetense Games

So what if you added elements of survival horror and stealth action to the formula?

That’s exactly the mindset behind the upcoming FPS “Solarix,” which is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to gain a full release. Already approved by Steam, the development team is working on a Microsoft build, with an expected release date of late 2014.

Incorporating their love of franchises the likes of “Fallout,” Unreal Tournament” and “Thief,” the team has proved huge opened-ended levels that unlike most first-person titles, allow the gamer more choice than ever before.

They don’t want cheap jump scares- they want panic in deep thought.

“Our AI is important…. I love our stealth-AI, it’s my favorite gameplay element. Because in many horror games you can't do much about monsters, you always have to kill them,” Baris Tarimcioglu Project Lead & Lead Level Designer for ‘Solarix’ told Examiner. “But in ‘Solarix,’ you can avoid or sneak around them or use the environment to your advantage. We also know stealth is a very difficult medium to master, especially with AI programming. I believe our AI is already one of the highlights of our project. It gives you freedom. Traditionally, you outrun the enemy, you outgun them, but in ‘Solarix’ you have the freedom for both of these and more. You can outwit your foes, sneak around them, or use the environment in a clever way to your own advantage. I love this aspect mostly.”

For more information on “Solarix,” check out their Kickstarter page.

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