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Solar storm near miss revealed by NASA: Validates what preppers warned all along

Solar flare activity is closely monitored today, more so than most realize. Just two years ago, it was the Earth’s position at the time that staved off a direct hit and saved the planet from picking up pieces of the world’s major technology for the next decade. When NASA revealed last week that two years ago a very strong solar storm missed the Earth, people took notice.

NASA reveals 2012 solar storm was a near miss and it could have caused havoc.
Photo by NASA/NASA via Getty Images

As WND News reports on Aug 4, NASA revealed that a huge solar storm, maybe even stronger than the one seen in 1859, narrowly missed the planet in July of 2012. They released this news in a statement last week, making all the preppers out there look like they know what they are talking about.

The 2012 solar storm was a near miss, one much too close for comfort. If the storm had occurred just a week earlier, the Earth would have been in its path. The 1859 solar storm raised havoc with the small amount of technology that existed in that era. The solar storm of 150 years ago was called the Carrington Event, after the English astronomer Richard Carrington. He spotted a solar flare before fireballs flew across the atmosphere terrifying people in 1859 who thought they were witnessing the end of the world.

During that solar flare event sparks flew from the telegraph machines, the little electricity they had started fires and electrical operators were injured. Don’t forget, they didn’t count on technology and many didn’t even have electricity yet, so while it caused havoc, there is no comparison to what it will do to today’s world.

The “storms begin with solar flares that emit X-rays and other extreme ultraviolet radiation.” The flares would hit the Earth with the speed of light, if the planet is in the solar storm’s path. Another effect from a solar storm would be a solar electromagnetic pulse, or EMP. This would disrupt everything from communications to vulnerable electrical grids.

You would probably be on your own for a while when it comes to supplies, which is something that preppers are ready for. Food would fly off the shelves, but with plastic being worthless if the computers fry, you would need to have cash. You will be lucky to get the supplies you need because the shelves would empty in no time and more than likely there won’t be enough gas to truck in all the supplies needed.

Banking would go down and the world would be thrust into darkness as the electrical grid would also go down. The implications of a solar storm are so vast, that you probably wouldn’t know the full extent until it actually happened.

On a recent Examiner article people commented and asked the question about what would happen to those who have pace makers? According to Hardened

”Similar to HAEMP (high altitude electromagnetic pulse), a geomagnetic storm caused by coronal magnetic eruptions (CME) (associated with solar flares) can create a long-duration pulse that can burn out utility power transformers and cause widespread power outages. The effects of HAEMP and SOLAR FLARES will readily penetrate an unprotected shelter and couple onto all electrical conductors, damaging or destroying appliances, personal computers, HDTVs, and medical electronics such as pacemakers.”

This near-miss two years ago is spotlighting the very real possibility that a solar storm could make a direct hit on Earth and the fatalities would be seen among the technology that runs this world. NASA reports that extreme solar storms pose a threat to all forms of high technology from the power grid to financial institutions. This is in the statement that they released last week on the solar storm of 2012.

As NASA reports, people are paying attention to the meteors that come close to the planet, but this silent danger of 2012 was hardly mentioned in the media back when the solar storm occurred.

Bio-Prepper reports that the scientists were shocked at the latest warnings of a possible solar superstorm. They say:

“Scientists warn communication systems will be crippled, vital services such as transport, sanitation and medicine will close, and loss of power will plunge the planet into darkness.”

The website Solar Storm Warning monitors the solar flares in real time and it actually shows you were the solar flares are erupting on the sun along with the size of the flares.

If you watch any of the TV shows that share how the preppers are ready for this type of crisis, you can understand why they have fuel, food, cash and medical supplies stock piled. One of the other things that some are concerned with is protecting what they have once supplies aren't available anymore. Many have plans to live with guards at posts to protect their supplies.

The attitude that this could never happen has carried folks through other looming predictions of a crisis like what was predicted for Y2K. January 1, 2000 came and went without any of the predicted major problems, but the solar flare storm is nothing like the turn of a new century.

What's the harm in getting an extra month's worth of medication in the house and some canned goods that are easily stored. You can make sure you have extra fuel on hand for your generator if you have one. Some cash on hand wouldn't be a bad idea either. While you don't have to go all out, a few extra batteries and some bottled water will feel like gold if this solar storm actually ever materialized.

A solar storm the size of the 1859 storm hits the planet every 150 years. Scientist say the Earth is five years overdue for a storm like that. It looks as if the Preppers will be the envy of the population if this does happen! You can watch the video above for more information on NASA's solar storm reveal.

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