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Solar roadways?! Awesome!

Today, the author was busy compiling interview questions for Bruce Slone, the operator of the Montgomery Plaza Chick-fil-a—check out his earlier article on the location here—when he came across an interesting article completely by chance. The author claimed that there was a new project on Indigogo that would replace all the major roads in America with solar panels. Intrigued, he looked into it more and found the video you see up top.

The engineers behind this project claim that not only would the road be completely self-sustaining, it would also never require maintenance in the same way asphalt does. The video on Youtube forwarded the viewer to the Indigogo campaign, which gave an even more thorough description of how these roads would work, and what kind of benefits the country would receive from them. The video also claims that funding is being provided by the Department of Transportation, but they need help with some of the start-up costs. Hence, the campaign.

It is this writer’s job to work towards a sustainable future that can help mankind free itself from the oppression of fossil fuels. If the roads were replaced by solar panels, there suddenly be no need for cities to spend billions of dollars to keep clean coal or natural gas on the market. It’s a win for everybody! Except the big energy magnates, obviously, but who really likes those guys, outside of the politicians?

There are only nine days left on the campaign, and they haven’t even breach fifty percent of their 1 million dollar goal. Let’s get them over the hump! Check out the Indigogo page here.

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