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Solar powered hat and gloves

Solar Powered cap and gloves
Solar Powered cap and gloves

OK, eco-chic has officially gone nuts. I don’t mean “dresses made out of lettuce” loony, I mean totally bonkers. I’ve probably told you about when I was selling “solar powered laundry driers” on eBay. Right? It was heavy string and instructions. Get it?

Ya, well, now there are solar-powered knit hats and gloves. Really. Look at the picture. I didn’t waste hours Photoshopping that just to amuse you. Those are for real. They’re offered at a site called Sounds French. That explains some things.

Anyway, those little black designs you see on there that look like snowflakes are tiny little solar cells. They collect sunlight and turn it into heat, which radiates through the material.

I don’t know how it is in Germany (the designer’s name is Yiran Qian from Germany), but over here, sunlight is heat. So if the sun’s out enough to power your solar panels… it’s probably out enough to warm you up on its own too. Maybe in Germany sunelichten equalen nein heaten. Oh, and yellow is a heat-reflective color. Someone should tell this guy that part too.

Or maybe things are different in Europe. I’ve never been there and every European I’ve ever met is a lunatic.

So here you go. “Endless warm” from your sun-powered heat hat and gloves. It’ll impress the others at the ski lodge, I guess.