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Solar Panels for the home are changing in ways you won't believe


        Thin film technology will transform the way we perceive solar applications

An average household in
spends between 4 and 5 percent of their income on energy. That is rising steadily depending on where you live.  But all of us in the Lehigh Valley it is truer than true.  As standard energy cost rise solar alternatives will become more practical.

But wait.  As we all know just  as soon as the latest technology arrives to wow us off of our rocking chairs, another slips in behind it that is touted to be even better.  Due to an increase in government funding, and a commercial awareness that the consumer is going to buy cheap, easily installed, solar panels, engineers in many established industries and scientists within several high-tech venture capital start-ups are gambling on thin sheet panel technology that will roll out like a heavy plastic sheet.  You will be able to attach them to building windows, roofs, walls, cars, motor homes, schools, stadiums, you name it.  In fact, they may even become the roofing material of the future, replacing asphalt shingles that will aid in the conservation of oil.

Many of these applications are available today.  Just do your homework so you are aware of the product, its efficiency, and the cost recovery ratio. 

Current solar panels are bulky and unattractive.  Soon they will be virtually invisible to the eye, and designers will have an easier time integrating them into a sensible design that will enhance the beauty of your home and keep it from looking like the ugly duckling of the neighborhood.

Believe me, there is a day in the not too distant future where solar panels will be a part of every building code. Homes will be nearing energy self-sufficiency. That depends, however, on the location and the weather patterns in the area, but even northern climates will see a vast improvement in storage systems and ingenious implementation methods for solar power which will completely remove the burden of home energy costs from the already over-taxed power grid, and an over TAXED consumer/citizen.  

One last note:  Imagine all the flat roofs in the city of
New York
.  Today,
New York City
is initiating a plan to fit those roofs with the latest solar panel technology.  The amount of energy derived from a grid that size could power the entire city.  It is not inconceivable.  Imagine that same technology and initiative being implemented in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. It will happen. 

If only the entirety of the human race saw the big picture.  That is to say; without cheap sources of energy, even our terrorist enemies will be attempting to perform violent acts that will end up being based in futility.  For heaven's sake- we all live on the same planet - lets work together.

Thank you for reading. Read More about Solar Energy.

Jeffrey B. Allen 

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