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Solar panels for my home? Advancements in technology says wait a while


          Ground based solar installation by Chevron

Active solar panels take the light of the sun and convert it into electrical energy. They can be placed on the roof of your home or on an out building or on the grounds of your property. They are sometimes connected to your heating system. Those are often passive panels and are doing nothing more than absorbing the heat from the sun’s rays and transferring that heat into a circulating water system.
• Electrical producing solar panels are called photo-voltaic solar cells.
• Solar panels that absorb heat energy are called thermal panels.                                                            

Panels work in different ways depending on what they're used for. If you have a solar water heating system, this usually contains a "collector", to absorb solar radiation and turn it into heat. Then a heat-conducting liquid carries the heat from the collector to the hot water tank.

In an electricity-producing system, a positively charged layer of silicon is placed against a negatively charged layer of silicon, forming a field for electrical charges to pass through. Sunlight creates this electric charge when it shines on the panel. Then a conductive metal concentrates the charge into an electric current which can power household appliances.

Many of us worry about our fuel bills and the environmental impact of our fuel consumption, while a free and clean source of energy is shining down on us all day. In one minute, the sun gives the earth enough energy to meet the earth's power needs for a year. If you install a solar panel in your house, you are tapping into this massive source of free energy, and slashing your fuel bills. There are also great environmental benefits to solar energy, as it produces no pollution.

Will you save money if you install solar panels on your property? Yes, but no. The cost of the panels will cause an expense that could take years to recover. For instance a panel that produces 120 watts of electricity will cost around 700.00. If you go ahead and install the panels anyway are you doing your environmental duty to mankind? Absolutely. But I would not jump on the bandwagon just yet.

There is new Technology on the horizon. Read about it HERE.

Thank you for reading.

Jeffrey B. Allen


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