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Solar musical sounds discovered by scientitsts

Solar corona eruptions
Solar corona eruptions

Solar musical sounds created within the Sun's atmosphere by vibrations of the giant magnetic loops in the corona of the Sun have been discovered by scientists.

A team of solar physicists from the University of Sheffield captured the music on tape that revealed the solar sounds that originated from the mysterious outermost layer of the Sun. When heard, the sounds are very similar to those of a pipe organ.

In their observations, the scientists also found that the sound is decaying, which gives huge insight into the solar corona's physics.

Satellite images show the solar corona in high-definition where coronal loops, large banana-shaped magnetic structures, can be seen. These magnetic loops are what's responsible for the large atmospheric explosions known as solar flares and govern the physics of the corona.

Coronal loops have also been observed by solar experts to undergo oscillatory motion, similar as someone plucking a guitar string (transversal oscillations), or blowing a wind-pipe (longitudinal oscillations). Using this analogy, the solar atmosphere is continuously penetrated by coronal loop music.

Scientists can also use this coronal music to study the magnetic atmosphere of the Sun. Known as solar magneto-seismology, this technique is similar to the methods used by geologists when studying earthquakes.

These studies will help the team, which is headed by Professor Robertus von Fáy-Siebenbürgen and includes scientists Richard Morton and Dr Youra Taroyan, all from the Department of Applied Mathematics to get more answers and understanding the heating of solar and stellar coronal plasmas, which are unresolved problems in modern physics up to this day.

"The results of our latest coronal research, presented in the Parliament at Westminster, allow us to gain a fundamentally new insight into the fascinating but at the same time very mysterious solar atmosphere. I'm most proud to have such talented young scientists within my research group and department. The invitation by SET for Britain and our collaborative research efforts clearly demonstrate our international leadership position in the field of solar physics." Said Professor von Fáy-Siebenbürgen in a statement.

The discovery was presented to an audience of MPs from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords at the House of Commons Marquee in London. Senior scientists representing prestigious institutions such as the Royal Society were also among those at the presentation.W

Watch the video below to hear the solar sounds as they were captured by the scientists.

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