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Solar Impulse 2: The birth of an entirely solar powered airplane

In today's world the use of natural resources to provide food, living conditions, shelter, clothing and other necessities is becoming more and more the norm, with recycling of many products saving even more of our valuable materials. The use of free energy is very important to us also, in the fact it saves more resources such as petroleum products and keeps our air clean.

The Solar Impulse 2 testing engines
The Solar Impulse 2 testing engines
© Solar Impulse

The largest supplier of energy is our sun, but we are still learning how to capture the energy and use it to the maximum benefit for our world. One of the things that many of our scientists are striving to use this free solar energy for is transportation, and that transportation does not preclude air transportation. In fact, one of the greatest accomplishment so far in solar transportation is an aircraft project, in which the aircraft is aptly named, "Solar Impulse."

According to information obtained from the media resources of the Solar Impulse program, the project is a Swiss based operation led by Swiss psychiatrist and aeronaut, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, who is a Swiss businessman. Piccard is credited as being one of the pilots of the first non-stop balloon trip around the world.

"Solar Impulse 2" is an aircraft that can fly night and day, using only solar power. It is scheduled to make a global flight around the world in 2015 using only the power of the sun. It is a huge achievement in air travel, and has the potential to establish a new genre of air transportation.

This writer will be following the Solar Impulse Project closely and will be writing more articles as the information becomes available, thanks to Solar Impulse's media releases. All photos and videos in these article are protected under copyright laws and are the property of Solar Impulse. Solar Impulse has allowed this writer to use these videos and photos in articles solely regarding the Solar Impulse Project.

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