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Solar Eclipse in Taurus a slower pace emerges by Terry Nazon

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus last night started a brand new cycle in your life, whether or not you actually noticed. Sometimes it's long after an astrological event that you actually noticed what happened or what changed in your life. Solar Eclipses tend to indicate and foretell of long range changes or events that are imminent in your life. Solar Eclipses indicate something or someone new. A change of circumstances or a new opportunity that changes the course of your life.
The Solar Eclipse in Taurus suggests a slowing down, as in smell the roses. People don’t like being pushed around, so no hard sells is necessary. A slow sell works better, convince someone of something, don't nag. Sweet talking people into things gets you farther now.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus suggests we know what we want and we aim to get it, Determination and steadfast activity goes far now. The Solar Eclipse even affects your relationship with food. When it comes to food, you could decide to diet but still eat well. We tend towards the tried and true, and change isn't easily embraced now.

In love, your sensuous desires, and making yourself feel good is what it's all about. The familiar comforts us, so past lovers reunite! Yes, it’s all about everyone being sweet, everything soft and cuddly, It's not about being pushed, or wrangled into things that’s sure to make someone mad now, is asking for trouble. This is a time definitely when you get more with sugar than vinegar!
But, lets get back to the eclipse. The Solar Eclipse foretells of changes, imminent changes that have to do with well,all things security, and money related. The Solar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus loves to role in cash, green money, just like you would see the Bull in the pasture. Imagine all the lady cows are his, and he’s eating as much green grass as he wants to and no one,no one dare question him. He gets what he wants and if you want something especially if it involves money you’d better go about it slowly and sweetly.
The solar eclipse suggests no one wants to be pushed into anything, we’re just not listening to the hard pitch. We want food to eat and plenty of it, a 600 count sheet to sleep on, and we want our very own money tree. That’s not asking for too much. The strange thing is that the Solar Eclipse might just foretell that you would find all of these things. So keep a watchful eye open things are abut to change.

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