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Solar Eclipse 2012: How to make an easy pinhole projector

Easy Paper Pinhole Projector
Easy Paper Pinhole Projector

The 2012 Solar Eclipse is right around the corner, and while there are safety rules about how you should view the sun, there don't seem to be many instructionals on how to do so. This article intends to fix that error and provide you with the best tutorial on how to create a pinhole projector. This is the easiest projector, especially for young kids to see!

How to make an easy Pinhole Projector: [2 sheets of cardstock, 1 pushpin]

  1. Find out what time you should see the eclipse in your area.
  2. Obtain two pieces of cardstock.
  3. Using a pin, punch a single hole in the center of one card, while keeping the other intact.
  4. The card with the pinhole will act as the focuser, or lens, and the one without will act as the backdrop for your solar eclipse.
  5. Right before the eclipse, hold the card with the pinhole up towards the sun with one hand, and hold the plain card in the other [or on the ground], about 2 feet apart.
  6. Look at the plain paper, and move the pinhole-ed paper around until you can see the entire sun on the plain paper.
  7. As the sun eclipses, you will get to see the entire act on your plain paper! No eyes will burn today!

Good luck viewing the eclipse! If you are viewing in California, New Mexico, and part of Texas, you do not want to miss this exciting event!

Copyright 2012 Jennifer Jordan / All Rights Reserved.


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