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Solar company developing app to benefit installers

Google Glass could help solar panel installers
Google Glass could help solar panel installers
Flickr Creative Commons, lawrencegs

Google Glass isn't just valuable for doctors and cops. According to Forbes on Jan.13, one solar industry installer in San Diego is finding ways to use the device when installing solar panels.

The device will be used to improve safety of technicians, record video for training use and to allow technicians to ask questions and get answers more quickly. When the device came out, Sullivan Solar Power began thinking of ways to make it work for them. “We recognized this device immediately as a game-changer in our industry,” said Michael Chagala, director of information technology. “We’ve only scratched the surface of how this will change the way we do business.”

The group wasn’t invited into the Explorer program, so they actually had to look into ways to get in. They ended up buying a unit off eBay and began to tinker with applications. The group, though without any mobile development knowledge, has created an application that will help share knowledge with all members of the group.

The group already has started to address any safety concerns that may arise from using Google Glass on a roof. The team members will not be allowed to use Glass when getting on or off a roof and will continue reviewing their policies to make the process is as safe as possible. They’ll also be addressing privacy issues for employees.

Chagala doesn’t know exactly how many more devices he’ll hand out to team members or when, but he’s now been invited into the Explorer program and can get Glass right from the source, should he ever need to.

While a seemingly unexpected use for Glass, the team of solar panel installers may have developed an app that could be used for anyone involved in tricky manual labor. Imagine this kind of tech on construction sites or even being used for something like archaeological digs. This kind of ability to exchange information, especially through visuals, can only been good things.

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