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Solange's vicious attack on Jay Z caught on tape

Here is a Met Gala shocker! Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles was caught on tape as she viciously attacked Jay Z in the elevator on the way out. The kings of leaked footage, TMZ shared this video with viewers on Monday and what we saw was shocking.

Beyonce stood idly by as her sister Solange viciously attacked Jay Z.
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

In the extended version of the elevator tape, the entire encounter is show. From the time Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange enter the elevator with what looks like a bodyguard, Solange is visibly heated and in full attack of Jay Z. Beyonce stands to the side as Solange hits, kicks and spits at Jay Z while their bodyguard attempts to hold her back.

The altercation continues for three and a half minutes while the group head to the ground floor in the elevator. At one point it seems that Solange has been calmed down and the bodyguard lets her go. As soon as he steps off the elevator though, Solange again lunges at Jay Z and begins hitting and kicking again.

All this drama happened at the Met Gala on May 5. Now that the fight footage has been leaked it has been compared to more film taken as the group exited the elevator. In it, Solange looks very visibly angry as she and sister Beyonce are escorted to a vehicle. Jay Z can be seen making sure the women climb into the SUV before leaving to take a different ride home.

It is unclear why Solange was so angry with Jay Z but it had to be something huge for her to attack him the way she did. While Beyonce seemed to be trying to diffuse the situation, she stood back and let the bodyguard break it up.

It has been said that Solange seemed to be cool during the Met Gala and was hanging out with Beyonce and Jay Z. The mood changed drastically on the way out though when the fight broke out and Solange could be seen yelling and pointing at Jay Z. In the video, the bodyguard can be seen pressing buttons, reportedly trying to keep the elevator door shut and the fight private. What do you think Jay Z and Solange are arguing about and why would it make her so upset?

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