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Solange's Jay Z beating spawns ad for purse: Anya Hindmarch plays on brawl in ad

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The Solange attack on Jay Z in the elevator that was caught on video has spawned a bizarre twist of creative genius. It seems that the little clutch purse Solange had with her was also used as a weapon, as she swung it full force at Jay Z. The purse was an added attack strategy by Solange who also pummeled the rapper with her fists and with her feet, which was caught on that video that has gone viral this week.

According to E News on May 14, Solange used her little clutch purse like an impromptu weapon, swinging it and making contact with Jay Z. At one point the contents of that purse spilled all over the elevator floor, but the purse stayed in one piece.

The motive for the attack was not released, but folks are speculating as to why Solange let loose on Jay Z. The Gawker reports that Solange was mad because Jay Z had just announced he was going to a bash Rhianna was throwing. This was after Jay Z was upset with his sister-in-law for inviting friends to the after-party they were at and they tried using Jay Z’s name to gain entry.

The folks who designed that golden clutch purse under the brand name Anya Hindmarch have taken a humorous poke at the fight in their latest ad for the purse. The purse is seen on a poster with the words “The Crisp Packet Clutch” underneath the words “Worth fighting for” appear.

“It is clearly a nod to the headline making clip,” claims E. It was created almost instantly as the video was just leaked online Monday of this week. In the video Solange swings the purse and pelts Jay Z several times. The purse was also dropped a few times and Solange stepped out of the elevator with the purse no worse for the wear.

It seems as if Solange, who looked rather ticked-off when stepping off the elevator, was clutching her Anya Hindmarch purse and it still looked brand spanking new. The people at Anya Hindmarch took the elevator brawl headline and created an ad around it.

Most folks would be thrilled to see their purse elegantly carried through a black tie affair, but the folks at Anya Hindmarch appear to be happy to get their purse spotlighted even if it was in a brawl. After seeing the price tag on the purse that Solange was carrying, you would hope it would stand the whipping of Jay Z test.

For $1669.00, that purse should not only pass the attack test, but repair itself if it does rip or split! That was a mighty expensive weapon that Solange was using, but it got a lot of attention and it’s in line to get plenty more with the new ad.