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Solange Knowles, Porsha Williams, women and violence, defining the line

Less than two months after video images of an alleged public altercation and legal fallout between Atlanta Housewives reality stars Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore; a video has surfaced of an alleged physical altercation between singer Solange Knowles and rapper “Jay-Z” Sean Carter, the sister and husband of singer Beyonce Knowles. The alleged assault was captured by elevator security video released today, less than two months after reality TV’s Porsha Williams reportedly claimed to have “blacked out” during a “violent” reaction to a cast member’s alleged taunting.

Although American culture dearly holds onto images of women as non-violent victims; depending on the parties involved, media carefully and selectively reveals otherwise. Media tries and often succeeds at “having its cake” when it depicts certain women’s unquestionable innocence on the one hand, and “eating it too” when it surrounds public images such as those of Ms. Williams and Ms. Knowles with continuous, negative dialogue depicting their behavior.

Reminiscing to 2009, recall that singer Rihanna was reportedly violently attacked by singer Chris Brown. It was later rumored that Rihanna attacked Brown first in a jealous rage over another woman. In 2009 a reported physical altercation also occurred between pro-golfer Tiger Woods and then wife Elin Nordegren. Woods was reportedly found at the scene suffering from physical injuries that were later rumored the result of a golf club used as a weapon upon him.

What is the decisive factor for aggressive behavior that spills into the public domain in a safeguarded and shielded fashion by media in some cases and is scrutinized with no end in sight in other cases? Are some images more profitable to protect while others are more profitable to exploit? Are some public or private figures entitled to benevolence, kindness, and good will while other public or private figures are not? What is the defining line and how and why is there such a line? Rather than these issues circulating as idle gossip, will readers open their eyes and minds to what underlies the sometimes promotion, sometimes protection of women and related violence?

Will Porsha and Kenya, Solange and Jay-Z outmaneuver media by working things out and put an end to these harmful images and the intentions of those who promote them?

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