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Solange Knowles elevator video: Standard Hotel worker fired for leaking video

Solonge, Beyonce, and Jay Z leaving Met Gala after party
Solonge, Beyonce, and Jay Z leaving Met Gala after party
Photo credit: Getty Images

On Wednesday The Standard Hotel identified and terminated the employee who leaked the video of Solange Knowles attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator at the Standard Hotel on May 5th. NBC News reported the news on May 15 after receiving a statement from the NYC hotel.

Within hours of the video being posted by celebrity news site TMZ the video went viral. The buzz surrounding the video prompted hotel executives to investigate the apparent breach of security at their upscale Manhattan hotel.

The Standard Hotel released a statement to NBC News and said they have identified and fired the security worker who leaked the video. The hotel expressed that the actions of the individual was a breach of their security policy as the privacy of their guests is of importance.

The video was captured from the hotel security screen via a camera phone and was sold to TMZ. Many Speculate the former hotel worker received as much as $250,000 in exchange for the video however, TMZ has denied this claim.

If the unidentified hotel employee did receive any compensation it may be confiscated by the courts as the hotel is also pressing criminal charges against the individual. "The Standard has already terminated the individual and will now be pursuing all available civil and criminal remedies," the statement added.

A number of non famous people who claim to have been in attendance seem to have their version of what took place leading up to the unfortunate incident but every story that has surfaced differs greatly from the next. The public has been left to speculate the reason and may have to accept this family’s decision to withhold the details maintain their privacy on the matter.

The famous family has yet to release a statement on the matter after a number of media sources have reached out. Solange and Beyonce seem to have been confirming the current state of their relationship as the famous sisters have been posting happy pictures of one another on their Instagram pages. My foxNY reached out to reps for the family via email but did not receive a response.

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