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Solange, Jay Z, Beyonce elevator video sheds light on tensions in the family

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Social media is still buzzing about the video footage of Jay Z and sister-in-law, Solange Knowles scuffling in a hotel elevator. The lack of audio in the clip released by TMZ Monday, does not prevent viewers from speculating the cause of the altercation.

According to Fox411 (May 13), the elevator fight comes as no surprise to sources close to the family. There are known tensions between Solange, her sister Beyonce and her sister's husband Jay Z that have led to minor disagreements over the years.

Initial reactions to the Solange and Jay Z elevator fight that took place at New York City’s, Standard Hotel last week include that of shock. Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange were leaving an after-party for the 2014 Met Gala when the family dispute erupted.

Looking beyond the “#WhatJayZSaidToSolange” Twitter trending topic and creative memes, we actually learn something about Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange from the video. Beyonce and Jay Z, being the celebrity power couple that they are seem to live an almost picture perfect life in the eyes of onlookers. Solange, a singer in her own right is also a celebrated personality who we often place on a high pedestal.

Opposed to having a negative effect on their image, if anything, the video offers a peek inside of their private family life and humanizes them. Yes, the Carters and Knowles’ are human and their lives are not as perfect as we think. Like the rest of the world, family squabbles occur among super star celebrities and other public figures.

So what started the elevator fight between Sean "Jay Z" Carter and Solange Knowles? It's unclear at this point, but one common theory circulating Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is that Jay Z may have said something to Solange to trigger her to physically attack him.

According to the unfolding of events in the extended version of the video obtained by TMZ, Beyonce enters the elevator first. After about four seconds, younger sister Solange follows with Jay Z walking in behind her. Solange spins around and appears to be pointing at Jay Z while talking.

Jay Z's body language appears non-confrontational and there's indication that he might have been trying to calm Solange down. He's seen walking into the elevator with his right hand in his pocket and his left hand in front of him, palm facing the floor. Jay Z’s left hand seems to serve as a barrier to keep Solange out of his personal space, as he did not appear to want to quarrel.

Seconds later, Solange approaches Jay Z and seems to knock his left hand to his side. Seeming to predict that she may try to hit him, he gently touches her forearms in prevention. Solange manages to get in a few hits and kicks before Beyonce and Jay-Z's longtime bodyguard, Julius holds her back.

While all this is happening, Beyonce keeps her composure and does not intervene in the exchange between her husband and sister. As US Weekly reports, video footage of the trio leaving the hotel that evening, shows Beyonce and Solange getting into a separate car from Jay Z.

Aside from wondering what began the family feud in the first place, inquiring minds want to know who at The Standard Hotel released the video. “How much did somebody at that hotel get for that elevator footage tho?”, tweeted radio personality Charlamagne Tha God.

“We are shocked and disappointed that there was a clear breach of our security system and the confidentiality that we count on providing our guests. We are investigating with the utmost urgency the circumstances surrounding the situation and, as is our customary practice, will discipline and prosecute the individuals to our fullest capacity," a rep for The Standard Hotel said. Neither Jay Z’s nor Solange’s rep have commented on the incident.


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