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Solange elevator attack of Jay Z motive: Guard sold video for $250,000 fired

The culprit who leaked the video of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in the elevator has been found and fired. A security guard who worked for the hotel allegedly sold the video to TMZ for $250,000, according to “Fox and Friends First” live on Thursday May 15.

Solange and Jay Z elevator fight over Rachel Roy getting too close to Jay Z? Solange and Rachel Roy once very close friends as seen above.
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Mass Live reports on May 14 that the hotel relentlessly investigated this incident to find the person who blatantly went against the hotel’s confidentiality policy. The Standard Hotel in NYC was hosting the Met Gala after-party, which is the event that Solange, Beyonce and Jay Z were attending at the time they hopped on the elevator for a ride heard around the world!

It was on this infamous elevator ride where Solange let loose on Jay Z, kicking, screaming and punching him. The body guard had all he could do to restrain Solange from continuing to pummel Jay Z.

The security guard is not only fired, but the hotel is turning all their information over to authorities, so the security guard is possibly facing legal ramifications.

It has taken a better part of a week for the Solange attacking Jay Z in the elevator motive to come to light, and the latest buzz looks as if Solange was doing this to protect her sister Beyonce, according to Mail Online today.

Solange didn’t like how close designer Rachel Roy got to Jay Z at the gala, they looked too comfy apparently. It seems as if no one messes with one of the Knowle girls and Solange started to argue with Roy inside the Met Gala after-party. Beyonce and Jay Z had to get between the two at the time.

It seems that Roy and Solange are long-time friends so this argument was unusual. The confrontation between Solange and Roy was reportedly witnessed by quite a few people, although they had no idea what the argument was about. This seems like a warm-up bout for what was about to follow in that elevator with Jay Z.

When Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange were leaving, allegedly Jay Z announced that he was heading over to a bash that Rihanna was throwing and Solange lost it. Rachel Roy was also expected to hit Rihanna’s bash next and the accusations started to fly, along with the fur.

Apparently Jay Z wanted to continue on To Rihanna’s party on his own and this got Solange mad. Not only has Roy been a friend of Solange’s for a long time, but she is also a friend of Jay Z and Beyonce. Apparently Solange was sticking up for her sister Beyonce when she thought that that Jay Z should be going home with his wife. Solange did not like the idea of her brother-in-law going off to another party alone and possibly getting up close with Roy.

Again, Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z have not released any information on the now famous elevator brawl, so these reports on the motive for Solange’s rage are from what witnesses are reporting.

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