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SOGG monthly meetup this weekend

After the Bomb RPG
After the Bomb RPG

The Southwestern Ohio Gathering of Gamers, Dayton branch, will get together this Sunday, May 1st for their monthly meeting. The meetup will be held at Krystal Keep in Kettering, Ohio starting at 1 pm. There will be three gaming tables, with a different game at each one.

Table one will have Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 for those who prefer medieval gameplay. This months’ adventure will focus on a village whose lighthouse went out during a storm. Raiders have ravaged the ship that wrecked due to this and the villagers want the light restored but are afraid to attempt this because it appears the lighthouse is haunted. The playing group will take on this task and see if anything in the sea caves below the lighthouse is really to blame.

After the Bomb will be played at the second table. This game will be limited to eight players and pre-generated characters will be available. The PC’s home is found under attack and the gamers must rescue it.

At the last table will be Pathfinder game for gamers’ level 1-7 characters. Only seven slots will be available for this game and pre-generated characters will be available for this game as well. A family was exiled a decade ago and the PC’s have a friend that died. Is there a connection? The game will determine the truth.

Signing up on the meetup page is recommended so that a slot is available for the game desired.