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App platforms rated by software developers

App Platforms popularity stats (Jan 2014)
App Platforms popularity stats (Jan 2014)
Alexander Bell

The online poll was conducted by [1], a 10+ million strong online software developers community, asking its members to specify the most interesting software development platforms. The poll provides the opportunity to look at this highly-important issue through the eyes of many professional developers. The polling stats (closing date: Jan 20, 2014) based on the submission by 1,671 participants is presented in the following Table 1 and attached infographic.

Table 1. App Development Platform popularity ratings

Platform (Trend %)

  1. Traditional Desktop App (27.5%)
  2. Web App (22.4%)
  3. Smartphones (14.8%)
  4. Tablets and Convertibles (13.5%)
  5. Embedded App (9.3%)
  6. Wearables (3.1%)
  7. Consumer Electronics (2.7%)
  8. Mainframes (2.1%)
  9. Developer platform app (2.0%)
  10. Other (2.5%)

Quick Comments

The poll outcomes shown in Table 1 and attached infographic clearly indicates the overwhelming popularity of the traditional Desktop applications [2,3] scored 27.5% of the votes normalized on 100% scale, followed by Web Applications [4] (22.4%), Smartphones [5] (14.8%), Tablet/Convertibles [6,7] (13.5%) and Embedded apps with 9.3% rating estimate. These Top-5 most popular app target platforms account for more than 87% cumulative preferences, thus living very little room for the rest. Clearly, Desktop PCs and apps still remain the major “work horse” of the computer industry.

Watch your mouse (and keyboard :-) - related poll

Another poll [9] was conducted by on related topic, namely: the favorite computer input devices. 1,652 members participated in the poll, resulting in the following stats:

Table 2. Computer Input Devices popularity ratings

Input device/method : (%)

  1. Keyboard/Mouse and related: (40.4%)
  2. Touch Screen: (22.5%)
  3. Brainwaves (once they get the bugs out): (15.3%)
  4. Speech (with voice feedback): (10.7%)
  5. Motion/Intent Detection without holding a device, eg Kinect, gaze detection, etc: (8.1%)
  6. Motion Detection via Handheld Device, eg Wii stick, Glove, etc: (3.0%)

Interesting example of forward-thinking sorta of: poll respondents put the Brainwaves input to the 3rd place, following the apparent champions: Keyboard/Mouse (40.4%) and Touch Screen (22.5%)

Gone with the Windows? No, not yet.

Likeability of the Windows 8, and consequently, Windows 8.1 is a quintessentially important question. So, the online poll [10] conducted by Codeproject in July 2014 was worded with Roman concision and protocol clarity: "Do you like Windows 8.1?". Results looks kinda encouraging for the Win 8.1: 55% of 2,416 participants answered "YES", while 45% said "NO" (numbers are rounded to the nearest integer).

App Platforms rated by marketability

Now, a bit of money talk. Professional developers writing the apps for sale have been asked about app software platforms that 'they feel will make the most money?' [11]. From the total of 1,749 respondents to the poll, 152 answered that they 'don't write apps for cash'. Thus, pertinent to the other 1,597 respondents who apparently "code hard for the money", the app platforms potential marketability stats looks like the following (results in Table 3 are normalized on 0...100% scale: small rounding errors may apply):

Table 3. Software App Platforms relative Market Potential

Platform (% Votes)

  1. Android (34.8%)
  2. iOS (26.0%)
  3. Windows 7 and below (12.8%)
  4. Windows 8+ (10.2%)
  5. Custom/Niche, eg medical eq. (7.5%)
  6. Windows Phone (4.1%)
  7. Linux (1.3%)
  8. MacOS (1.2%)
  9. Other (2.1%)

Top-2 lines occupied by Android (34.8%) and iOS (26.0%) collectively account for more than 60% of voting preferences. Microsoft Windows (all versions, excluding Win Phone) is still a big player with 23% of votes (3rd and 4th positions combined). Obviously, there based on this stats, there is not too much room left for the rest of platforms (notably, Windows Phone market potential is viewed favorably by only 4.1% of poll respondents).


Software Engineering and IT spans multiple knowledge/skills domains. This article aggregates the data from various recent polls conducted by Codeproject among its members, highlighting some dominant trends in the industry based on the "collective first hand" experience of many software developers.

Disclosure: Dr. Alexander Bell, the author, is the active member of online software developers community holding a "Legend" status for his contribution to this professional network. Dr. Bell participated in Codeproject polls, and also was a multiple apps submission winner in Application Innovation Contest by Intel Corp. (AIC-2012 and AIC-2013 [8]) in several platform categories (Tablets, Ultrabooks, All-In-One PCs).


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Disclaimer: all data is provided on 'AS IS' basis.