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Sofia Vergara stays fit and fabulous at 41: 'I love looking as hot as possible'

Those curves, that energy, that laugh: "Modern Family" superstar Sofia Vergara makes us all want to be 41. So what are her secrets? A determination to do what it takes to look as sexy and slim as possible, reported Contact Music on Feb. 4.

Can we say "sizzling hot?" Yup, that's Sofia.
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''I won't go out of the house without getting dressed up and wearing make-up because I don't want paparazzi photos of myself looking a mess all over the Internet. I don't mind, I'm a Latina and love looking as hot as possible," Sofia told Britain's Hello magazine.

And she takes pride in maintaining her weight as she gets older, in particular admiring her own bikini body in photos.

Sofia's proud comment: "My son took a picture and I saw it, and I was impressed with myself," reported People magazine on Feb. 4.

"I mean, I'm 41, so you don't take that for granted," Sofia added.

As for her whittled waistline, Sofia works closely with her trainer Gunnar Peterson, author of "The Workout: Core Secrets from Hollywood's #1 Trainer."

Gunnar told FitSugar that he's a believer in burning more calories by working your entire body.

"I don’t do that many isolation movements, like single joint stuff," Gunnar says. "I do bigger movements. If we’re going to do a lunge, we’re probably going to add an upper body component to it, like a lunge with a wood chop, a side lunge with a wood chop, or a rear lunge with a lateral raise, or a forward lunge with a front raise."

The result: You can get lots of calorie-burning bang for your time.

"Five minutes for a warmup, 30 minutes for a workout, and five minutes for a stretch and a cooldown. By the end, that’s 40 minutes," Gunnar says.

He's created several workout DVDs designed to give you a star body, such as "Core Secrets: Off the Ball - Legs, Glutes & Abs" (click for details) and "Core Secrets: Gunnar's Hard Body Challenge."

As for diet, Gunnar recommends avoiding carbohydrates as the day goes on. Have a special event? Then cut out starchy carbs such as rice, grains, pastas, oatmeal, and potatoes, as well as sodium, since all of these make your body retain water, "which blurs, to a certain degree, definition and muscle separation," he says.

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