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Sofia Vergara house: Actress spends over $10 million on new home

Sofia Vergara
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Sofia Vergara of "Modern Family" has spent a ton of money on a new house. On Thursday, People shared how she just spent $10.6 million on her new home in Beverly Hills. That is a lot for one house but obviously this actress can afford to spend it.

Her new home is an Italian-style villa and is located in Beverly Hills. This home is 11,400 square foot total and of course this doesn't include all of the amazing things outside. It has seven bedrooms in it and eleven bathrooms. The kitchen is huge and made for a chef but is unknown if she will be hiring someone to man that huge kitchen for her. The house also has a gym in it with a sauna and its own movie theater.

This home has a lot to offer a girl. The wine cellar will hold 3,000 bottles and even includes an area for tasting. That will make entertaining easy for this house. It has a sparking pool and spa outside as well. It also has three different guest suites for when she has company at her new home.

Newsmax shared that between June of 2012 and June of 2013 she actually earned $30 million. Sofia shared that she plans for the future and does like earning money. She invests and plans for the future to make sure that she will be taken care of no matter what.

Sofia Vergara has never acted like she doesn't like to spend her money but it is hard earned and she works for it. The actress is still working hard on "Modern Family." She also has several various endorsements including one with Diet Pepsi and also one with Kmart. This house will not be a problem for her to pay for in the future. If her show ends, she will always find another way to earn the cash. Also make sure you check out Emma Watson turning into Sofia in this new viral clip on According 2 Mandy.

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