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SOE on 'Planetside 2' for PlayStation 4: No need for platform specific variation

Planetside 2
Planetside 2
Sony Online Entertainment

Examiner chats with Sony Online Entertainment about the upcoming console debut of its wildly popular free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter Planetside 2, which originally launched on PC in 2012.

SOE’s own senior game designer, Luke Sigmund, and executive producer, Clint Worley, briefly explain why the console iteration of PS2 won’t see any major changes from its PC counterpart and why that’s actually a good thing.

Examiner: Are there any features on the PlayStation 4 version that are not on the PC version?

Luke Sigmund: No. What we’re doing, you know, Planetside has a lot of stuff [chuckles], like there’s a lot to do. We have support for platoons which are groups of 46 people, we have outfits which are our version of guilds, we have, everything you would expect from an MMO, we have those supporting features. So we didn’t feel a need to do any variations.

I guess the biggest difference is gonna be in the controls. We’re doing the standard stuff, you know, adding aim-assist. We’re making sure you can actually hit with the controller.

Ex: Are you [Sigmund] a console or PC gamer?

LS: I’m generally a PC gamer, unless it’s an RPG, I play RPG’s exclusively on a console.

Ex: So coming from a PC gamer, how does Planetside 2 feel on console? Would you prefer to play this on PC?

LS: Playing on console is actually really appealing to me, because our sessions can be really long, and I would much rather sit on my couch playing than be sitting at desk. My couch is so much more comfortable than my office chair [chuckles].

Clint Worley: I think the big thing is, even though we’re bringing it from the PC, we really wanna make sure that if feels right for the console players. And so, things like aim-assist are typical on a console environment, like with Battlefield or Call of Duty, [developers on those games] spend a lot of time just perfecting that way it feels, that moment-to-moment, where on the PC, it’s just one-to-one, like, your mouse is where you’re aiming. It’s not necessarily about making it better or worse, it’s just about making it right for the PS4.

Planetside 2 is slated for launch on PlayStation 4 later this year. Check out our Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 hands-on thoughts here.

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