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Soda consumption plummets for a healthy change

Soda consumption is decreasing which is a positive health trend.
Soda consumption is decreasing which is a positive health trend.

Diet soda consumption has been linked with heart disease in older women. These findings simply added to the growing belief that soda, especially diet soda, which has been touted as a "healthier" carbonated drink due to its lack of sugar. is detrimental to your health.

A report released Monday by Beverage-Digest suggests that it may be making a positive health impact. Consumption of nearly every type of carbonated soft drink (CSD) declined by 3% in 2013 (compared with a 1.2% decline in 2012), with diet drinks taking an especially hard hit. Overall, the industry lost nearly $1 billion in the past year, posting a revenue of $76.3 billion (compared with $77.1 billion in 2012).

The challenging recent trends in the U.S. beverage business continued and worsened in 2013. Total liquid refreshment beverages (LRBs), which had grown modestly in recent years, were down last year. The biggest category, carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), which has declined in recent years, declined again with the rate of decline worsening.

Diets CSDs are now struggling. Consumers seem to be shying away from the legacy diet sweeteners, according to sources.

As more information becomes available about the negative impact sugar and sugar replacements can have on health, the decline is expected to increase. This trend is good news for consumers, and bad news for companies who produce these beverages. Water seems to be increasingly the beverage of choice.

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