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Sociopath vs. rationalizer: Does that describe Bill and Hillary?

A sociopath, by definition, is a person devoid of positive human emotions. They are incapable of love, empathy, sympathy, compassion, mercy, and therefore cannot express shame, guilt, remorse or simple regret.

Blue language and purple prose – the great American sociopathic/wannabe power people.
Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

But they do tend to be smart, even brilliant. They quickly understand how they're different from normal people and learn to mimic emotions in order to pass as normal. Because they have no emotions to leaven or guide their thoughts they typically see themselves as superior, which often translates into a megalomanic personality cleverly disguised as charm, wit, warmth and self-confidence.

Power-seeking bullies who want to be as successful, dominating, controlling, wealthy and popular as sociopaths but are not themselves sociopaths must find a way to keep their emotions from interfering with their ambitions.

A Libertarian Money article identifies the sociopath wannabes who make up the vast majority of the evil we see in the world around us as "rationalizers."

Rationalization is simply a way of neutralizing normal human emotions by explaining away evil so a person can engage in evil successfully.

The most common examples of sociopath and sociopath-wannabe just may be found in America's best known power couple: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Bill was famously known as a "compartmentalizer," a form of rationalizing that one writer called "the neurosis of our time" and another called The Clinton Syndrome.

Want to evade some moral, ethical or emotional issue? Lock it away in a separate compartment in your mind.

Adultery? Sexual addiction? Lousy husband? Monica Lewinsky? Perjury? Hillary's foul mouth? Locked away. Gone. Banished.

If Bill is the sociopath wannabe Hillary is likely the real thing.

She gives it away when she laughs. It's almost maniacal, laughing too hard, too long at marginally humorous comments, as though she taught herself to laugh but without emotional context she doesn't have the nuance to make it sound believable.

She gives it away when she speaks unscripted, in anger, like when she responded to the Benghazi deaths with "What difference at this point does it make?" or when she speaks off-script almost anytime.

Ultimately it's impossible for laymen to distinguish true sociopaths from rationalizers, and it can be incredibly unfair to label people.

But a libertarian doesn't have to label people anyway; all that's needed is to judge them on the basis of their publically stated beliefs and on their actions.

Chances are, if they're power-seekers they're either sociopaths or sociopath wannabes.

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