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Society Cafe- a great stop before the club or after the pool


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Want to add a little style and class to your day? Check out Society Café at Encore. While the term café tends to conjure up images of coffee (or in the case of Las Vegas, a cafeteria style 24 hour eatery), Society more closely resembles a fine dining establishment than anything.

Happy Hour is from 4PM to 7PM with great food and drink specials for the traveler (or local) on a budget. Mojitos (normally $12 each), sangria, a selection of beers, and the featured cocktail are all half price. The drink menu is accompanied by a great selection of old-fashioned snack foods with a twist ($5 each or three for $14). The great specials and cool ambience make Society a perfect stop after your day at the pool or before you start your evening at the clubs.


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