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Socibot, the new robot that can wear your face and detect your mood

Photo credit: Geekologie
Photo credit: Geekologie
Photo credit: Geekologie

As society progresses, robot technology becomes more imminent and prevalent in the community. Despite the vast range of movies that portray robots becoming an integral part of modern society (such as “I, Robot” and “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”), robot technology has not advanced to a level where they can be used in mainstream society and eventually replace certain occupations. However, as tech giants like Google invest in this form of technology, companies have created prototypes such as the Socibot that can have potential significance in society.

The Socibot is a robot that can interact with humans - it has a transparent display where humans can project their real face onto it, whether it be a realistic photo or a cartoon display. Other than identifying the age and gender of a person, the Socibot can also detect a person’s facial expression and hence accurately identify a person’s mood and feelings.

If this prototype can successfully interact with humans, this would have great significance in society. For example, the Socibot can be used for the service industry and replace certain occupations, such as waiters and airline staff. Since the robot is programmed to identify the targeted persons’s feelings, it can approach the person with a smiling face and a warm greeting to present the most ideal form of customer service.

Other than that, the Socibot can be used as a telepresence robot, where employers do not need to physically be present in a meeting to conduct one with the team. If the employer can afford to spend $16,000 for the prototype, he can simply scan his real face onto the robot and conduct the meeting remotely from home or even in another country. With this new technology available in society, the opportunities are endless.