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Rethinking Everything Conference 2009 girls dancing
Rethinking Everything Conference 2009 girls dancing
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Many wonder how radically unschooled children are socialized, some assume they are not. Today is May 18, 2010 and it is Visit Your Relatives Day! Families living the radical unschooling life style are living in the real world. There is no control over their lives by the institution of school. Parents do not have to ask permission of the school to take their own child out for vacation to visit the relatives. More and more of these families are inclusive of grand parents who whole heartedly support the radical unschooling life style. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines socialization as "to make social, to fit or train for a social environment." What better way to socialize than to go out in, and interact in the real world, the true social environment you will exist in when you are no longer a child?

Radically unschooled children are not sitting in a class room filled with peers, separated by age groups, with nearly all choices taken away from them. Does any other group of people in society socialize only with other members of their age group, in one room, all day, allowed to interact only when someone tells them they can? A typical day, if there were one, in the life of a radically unschooled child affords them the chance to speak with a large variety of people about many interesting things. They can look anyone in the eye and hold their own in a conversation if they so choose. They have no societal conditioning that adults automatically know better or are to be deferred to in all situations. Schooled children are told when to speak, with who and about what.

Some radical unschooling families are unsure where they can meet other unschoolers in their area. Manchester has L-E-A-P a local unschooling meet up group. Currently the group has over 250 member families, ranging from Massachusetts and up into Madison, NH. The group's description specifies it is open to people who are not currently unschooling, as long as they are open to learning more about unschooling.
New England also has it's own unschooling group. Some of the local groups are called home schooling groups but welcome unschoolers as well.

Get out there! Visit your relatives! Socialize in the real world! By the time you are an adult you'll have tons of experience!