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Haunted socialite found dead a few months after posting ghost photo

Peaches Geldof found dead on April 6 at 25-years-old
Peaches Geldof found dead on April 6 at 25-years-old
Peaches Geldof

An unexpected guest appeared in a photo with socialite Peaches Geldof and her son a few months ago. She uploaded the self portrait with the ghostly visitor on Instagram in December and yesterday she was found dead in her home, CNN reported today.

Peaches Geldof was found dead in her home yesterday at 1:35 in the afternoon, hours after she posted a photo of herself as baby with her mother on Instagram. Authorities are unsure how the 25-year-old died. No drugs or a suicide note was found on the scene. Police are currently investigating the cause of her mysterious death. Geldof was the daughter of musician Bob Geldof and Paula Yates. Yates tragically died of a drug overdose in 2000. Geldof was a British model, journalist, and television presenter.

In December, Bob Geldof noticed something strange in a photo that Peaches took. Geldof and her son Astala were taking a bath when she decided to take a close-up photo of them to post on Instagram. In the photo, a strange ghostly hand can be seen on the socialite's right shoulder.

“Close-up shot of the mystery ghost hand in pic I took of Astala and me in the bath!” Geldof said on her Instagram account. “And no that isn't my hand, one of mine was round his waist to hold him during the photo, the other holding the camera to take the shot. Also the hand is around my shoulder so totally weird angle if I did it myself! How terrifying!”

Some of Geldof's friends thought that the hand was actually her hand. Geldof insisted that the hand wasn't hers or her son's. She believed that the hand belonged to a spirit of a woman and that the ghost is friendly and maternal. Geldof said that there is a good feeling in the home and she thought that the ghost likes being around young children.

Geldof's husband thinks that the hand belongs to a woman that committed suicide in the house over 100 years ago. According to the family, this isn't the only time that they've encountered her spirit.

Whose hand is in the photo? Was it Peaches' hand or a ghost's? Could the spirit of the woman have caused Geldof to commit suicide? Post your opinion in the comment section below.

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