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Social Security disability office rescinds reprimand for flatulent employee

The Social Security Administration confirmed that a employee of the Disability Determination Department had been reprimanded for "creating a hostile work environment," because of gas passing.

Several issues appear to need to be addressed, one is that apparently the A federal agency's employees monitored and compiled a list of the employee passing gas, over a period of several days. The Smoking Gun's website published the original reprimand letter which was dated December 10th. The employee was said to be engaging in, "conduct unbecoming a federal employee" and "creating a hostile work environment" because of the repeated gas passing.

The letter went on to say coworkers did not want to work with the employee because of the gas.

It appears that the office which has a duty related to disability awareness may not be fully aware of significant medical conditions which may cause flatulence. In the specific incident, the reprimanded employee indicated the problem was related to lactose intolerance. However, it should be noted that rather severe health problems such as Celiac Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome along with other digestive disorders, can cause abnormal gas.

Do you think the employees that took a good deal of time to keep track of and compile incidents of flatulence by their coworker should be reprimanded?


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