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Social Security and working

You can work
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If your child is or will be on Social Security benefits you may wonder about their future. You might even think that the youth will never be able to work. It is difficult to just live off of benefits for the rest of their lives and when you are on benefits you cannot have assets of a large amount. Jobs are possible though.

If you receive social security benefits you can STILL work. Learn from a social security benefits counselor what incentives are put in place to support you working and how working will affect your benefits. PYLN members will share their own experiences with working and receiving social security benefits. Please join us this WEDNESDAY from 10:00 - 11:00. Everett and Corrine will be available to answer questions!

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Many parents say that they need the check. It is a sacrifice for some initially, but in the long-term the person with the disability will make more per month to live. If you cannot make the webinar, but want to know more call Abilities in Motion, the Berks County CIL, at 610-376-0010 and ask about the Ticket to Work program.

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