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Social Schizophrenia

Social Schizophrenia
Social Schizophrenia

Welcome back to high school!! What group do you belong to?

Who’s cool?
Who’s smart?
Who’s got spirit (yes you do)?
Who’s hiding in the bathroom smoking?
Who’s sleeping around?

I got an invitation recently to join Google+. Along with my 3 websites I am already on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, foursquare and a couple of forum communities. I’ve also been invited to Ning, Tagged, orkut, hi5, MyYearbook, Meetup, Badoo, bebo, mylife, friendster and multiply. Then there is the peer pressure to be a part of Tumblr and eBlog . I finally started a Facebook Fan Page for Real Women/Real Sexy. I know, that was a shameless social networking plug for my own site. I totally acknowledge the irony of it being in this article.

After looking over several of these social sites I have decided that after escaping the throes of high school once, we are all suddenly being plunged back into the depths of social “profiling”. Each of these sites want you to make a profile. Within each of these profiles there are many personas of yourself that can emerge. The result being that we are all in one stage or another of “social Schizophrenia”. All of these sites have their own group appeal and they remind me of the social groups from high school. However, now you can become part of any group at any time just by changing your profile and interactions with the people on the different sites. It can get a little confusing if you aren’t careful!
For example:

Facebook: This is the site for the masses. Everyone fits in this group. It’s kind of like your high school annual. Everyone can find at least a picture of their elbow somewhere on a page.

Twitter: This is the cheerleader crowd. Lots of short choppy sentences spouted out with great excitement that no one really listens to! (This is my favorite social site. Telling right?)

Linkedin: Here you have your most likely to succeed crowd. They’ve got their “mind on their money and their money on their mind” all the time.

My Space: The metal heads of the web. These are the guys in the bathroom smoking and handing out homemade flyers for their band’s gig this weekend.

Tumblr: The Emo crowd. Deep, dark and wanting to share their emotions but pretending that none of it really matters.

Google+: The hipster crowd, for now…When this became open to all, this group moved on to the next “exclusive” new social site that no one will be cool enough to know about…yet!

Pinterest: The bake sale crowd. How does she make those brownies so moist?

Adult Friend Finder: Well maybe this wasn’t high school, but the seductive naked spam in my Facebook message inbox is the equivalent to finding your Dad’s Playboy stash for some of you guys out there I’m sure!

The rate at which the social sites target you and then change is exhausting! Not to mention the “upgrades” and revamping of the “look” of the sites. They have more emotional mood swings than a teenage girl. When I was still using the old Twitter and Facebook layouts they threatened me every day that I would soon have to change! One day I’m sure I’ll sign on to tweet and it will tell me to get the hell off because I didn’t switch over when I had the chance. You snooze you loose!!

It has all gotten to be a little too much for me to keep up with. I am not trying to negate the positives of social networking. I love it actually. But trying to keep up with all the new trends and social sites make me a little dizzy. As a writer I need to actually leave the cave (thats code for my house) and have life experiences to write about. Some days I never leave the computer because I’m catching up on all my web socializing! I won’t even go into all the “villes” (farm, city, cafe, dog, rat and cat… name it, they have a ville for it). I delete all those requests. I’m already strung out on Angry Birds and Solitaire, I don’t need anything else!

As always, this is just my observation and I’m in no way labeling anyone. Well, O.K., maybe I am labeling a little, myself included. But, if you go to my Facebook page and “like” this article I’ll follow you back on Twitter and then we can connect as contacts on Linkedin where you can find the link to my Pinterest page where I have pinned a picture from my column that will take you to an article I have written about my friend’s experience with a date from Adult Friend Finder!

Happy networking my social friends!! I must now go tweet that I wrote this so people can read it!

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