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Social, new media booming in the Miami Valley

Social and new media, the new way to network, share and influence others is alive and well in Dayton, Ohio. If you haven't yet heard of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Gowalla and other platforms, it's time to start Tweeting, microblogging, "checking in" -- all ways to communicate with your "friends" or "followers" on these platforms.

As an example, with recent snow storms in the Miami Valley, updates to friends and followers became essential on Twitter. Using hashtagged items such as #snOMG and #snowpocalypse, the Twittersphere followed #Dayton area snow issues. Out-of-towners, colleagues, friends and family could compare stories, offer help to those stranded, and share snowy-themed photos.

Getting together "in the real world" after meeting on these platforms is also a robust scenario in Dayton! Monthly or weekly, even spur-of-the-moment, people are chatting it up and doing business via their associations via social and new media.

Keep your eye on this space for announcements of local events and specials bolstered by social and new media platforms!


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