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Do social networking sites complete the Biblical prophecy of Daniel 12:4?

The prophet Daniel
The prophet Daniel

"But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

When the Wright Brothers made their Flight of Destiny in 1903 no one ever imagined that the rickety wooden contraption marked a tick on the clock of Biblical prophecy. It wasn't until nearly a century later that the sleek, silver bullets of modern flight evolved and were whisking passengers of all walks of life to the far reaches of the globe faster than ever before.

It wasn't until a near century later that Bible prophecy students began to make the correlate the angel's message to Daniel in verse 4: 'Many shall run to and fro, and increase knowledge'. Now the NIV translation reads 'Many shall run to and fro to increase knowledge' , I don't really like this because it implies that people are running around trying to get smarter. In all other translations, the verse is two-fold: 1. The ability to traverse great distances quickly, and/or the hectic lifestyle that will be the norm during 'the time of the end'; and 2. The capacity to learn will have increased and the average intelligence level will have become greater than during Daniel's day.

Many people, prophecy students and otherwise, assumed that the birth of air travel fulfilled both segments of Daniel's prophecy. In a sense this is partially true, since now more people could travel to new places and learn new things. Business could be conducted all over the globe, and still make it home for dinner. Missionaries could travel to remote regions to spread the Gospel, and make it home by Sunday service.

Despite what Al Gore thinks, the internet was actually born in the 1960's with the invention of packet switching and networks such as ARPANET that linked research and government computers together to be able to share information. In the early '90s when computers became more personal, the internet began to evolve into the media rich social tool we know today.

Prophetically speaking, this was huge! This single invention of mankind fulfilled both parts of Daniels vision. Now a person can sit in an office or lab or home and access the same information at the same time. Nearly 20 years and several milestones later not only can we access the same information at the same time, we can discuss it, comment on it, and share it with friends, in an instant. The world wide web just became the world wide neighborhood.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, whichever you choose someone you know has an account on one of these social sites. Once you have signed up you have exponentially expanded your internet experience. Information sharing, site recommendations, you name it if it's on the internet you can tell your friends about it almost as soon as you find it.

Groups such as 'The God Page' and 'Jesus Daily' have sprung up on these sites and have accumulated a massive following. Jesus Daily has 6M + connections alone and growing every day. Daily verses, scripture studies, inspirational stories, prayer requests, apologetics, and yes prohecy studies can all be found on these sites to help you better understand what God, Jesus, and the Bible is really all about. If you don't understand the scripture, rest assured SOMEONE will have the answer. Since most of these sites allow linking your account to your cell phone, you are never more than a few finger gymnastics away from whatever you need or want to know.

Since the turn of the 20th century nearly all of the prophecies concerning the End Times have come to pass. Mass Apostasy, multiple earthquakes, famines, pestilence, wars (and rumors of), Israel returning to Jerusalem, an increase of knowledge, and soon, the Battle of Gog.

Since the Battle of Gog is next on the end time itinerary, it is probably going to fill the scope of this site until it comes to pass. Even so, it is important to not overlook some of the lesser prophecies and continue to search out world events that could have prophetic implications.

Most important, though (and this goes without saying really) is the need for us to bear continual witness to the glory and mercy that is Jesus Christ. Society today is on high alert when it comes to Christianity. Scoffers and skeptics are constantly looking for ways to make us trip up, to soil the name of Jesus.

I've read posts from other 'Christians' who claim that we who are looking for the return of our Lord are living in some sort of fantastical dream world. I've read articles and comments that claim truth in everything from Theistic Evolution to the Bible is nothing more than pretty word art.

Sometimes it's hard to stand against such opposition, especially when we are quickly becoming the minority. Even supposed members of our own ranks are telling those of us who stick to the truth of God's word to 'tone it down'. Herein lies the problem - No One Reads Their Bible. Everyone takes whatever they hear at face value. When one person telling you one thing, and another telling you something else, who do you believe?

God says 'lean not on your own understanding,' Proverbs 3:5-7. That means turn to Him for wisdom. Views can be distorted by rationalizing, opinions, presuppositions, especially when you have four different people telling you four different stories. When you study the Word of God, and allow Him to explain it to you, you cannot go wrong. Oh, and just because the Bible says something you don't like it, well you are not free to change it. These are the guidelines set forth by God for those to live who want to live with Him. God abhors sin. Absolutely HATES it, He does; so he setup these rules for us to live by. He then gives you a choice: Serve God and inherit the world, serve the world and inherit death.

Which do you choose?

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