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Social networking site TinierMe allows users to chat and play games in an animated virtual world

Free social networking site, TinierMe, is an anime based virtual world where users can chat, play games, raise pets, and collect unique clothing and items to equip on customizable avatars, known as "Selfys."

The Hatsune Miku event offers free virtual concerts to users.
The Hatsune Miku event offers free virtual concerts to users.
Masaru Ohnogi, HeavyGrinder, Ariel Gillaspy & Stephanie Yanez at the TinierMe booth at Anime Expo.
Keri Luna

Debuting in America in 2009, TinierMe offers players endless combinations with which to personalize their in-game "Selfys," including: animated hairstyles, wings, fluttering dresses, and a variety of cute pets.

Each week, a new theme, quests and in-game events are introduced. Recently, in a partnership with Crypton Future Media, TinierMe kicked off an event featuring virtual pop idol, Hatsune Miku.

This special event will continue through the end of November 2010 and feature a series of virtual Hatsune Miku concerts and collectable items.

Masaru Ohnogi, the C.E.O. of GCREST American Inc. said, “TinierMe is able to develop content, not currently available in the U.S. market, based on some of the most engaging elements of Japanese culture. We hope to bring Japan and the love for anime to the world and the Hatsune Miku campaign is a major step in that direction.” 

"Chibi coins" and "G coins" are the standard currency of TinierMe.  New items can be obtained through playing the "Gacha" vending machines which are modeled after the popular "Gacha" toy machines in Japan.  Players may also trade items with their friends.

Many quests encourage a feeling of community within the game.  Users are encouraged to share information and make friends.  In fact, a recent quest rewarded players who sent gifts to their friends with special items of their own.  

Executive assistant to Masaru Ohnogi, Ariel Gillaspy, said that one of the most popular items in the game to date has been the adorable "glomping kittens."  Users lucky enough to get their hands on this highly coveted item can enjoy the antics of four animated kittens who will attach themselves to their 'Selfy' owners, sing a song and then abruptly disappear.

TinierMe now boasts more than 600,000 users in their virtual world.  To sign up for your own free account, or learn more about the game, please click here.


  • Billieray 4 years ago

    I am constantly amazed at what the LA Geek explores. She translates it into 'interesting' and I feel sure she brings in more people to these venues.

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