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Social networking helped find beautiful dog stolen in front of her owner

Jason and madly were reunited January 26
Jason and madly were reunited January 26
Facebook:Bark Dog Rescue

Thanks to social media, a dog kidnapped in front of her owner is back with her family. Bark Dog Rescue reported the reunion between Jason and his white lab, Madly, on January 26.

This Examiner article covered the story of a beautiful white lab who was snatched in front of her owner outside the home where Jason was visiting his in-laws. The scum who abducted Madly pulled over and literally scooped Madly up as she used the bathroom, then sped off in a truck.

Thanks to Facebook, word got around. Thousands shared Madly's story with others-and then it happened. Lisa Butler Holland and her husband were at the right place at the right time.

Madly was spotted at a house, where she was playing in the yard with other dogs. Lisa, who recognized Madly by the truck description, called to the dog. Madly came right over when she heard her name, and was soon on her way back to Jason.

The police are involved in this case, especially since there were other dogs at the residence with Madly. A detective has already visited the home of the suspected dog napper, and hopefully enough evidence can be gathered to file charges.

Jason learned a lot from this ordeal. Not only did he learn the powerful networking influence available in finding missing pets. He also learned this type of crime happens more often than people realize.

It's not safe to leave a dog, even in a back yard fence, if you're going to be away from home. Many dogs are stolen with their owners inside, unaware until it's too late.

Please keep a close eye on your dogs, especially if they live outside. There are cruel people out there, who are either evil or just looking to make a few dollars. Thankfully Madly was rescued by a dog lover.

Thank you Lisa, for the care you and your husband gave Madly until she could be returned to her owner.

Jason is set to do an interview with KLAX later this week, where he'll discuss the growing crime of stealing dogs for profit.

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