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Social networking gives opportunity to show 'good will toward men' all year

Networking games encourage players to help each other
Networking games encourage players to help each other
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The Internet. Some folks love it, some don't understand it, but it is one of the leading factors in our modern technology.

As anything, which consumes our time and finances, it can have both a positive and negative effect on our lives.

Let's take just one area of social networking, for instance.

Imagine a world where one can build their own country farm, city or zoo. Friends can be offered the same opportunity and be neighbors. We can visit each other, give daily tokens of appreciation and offer assistance by sharing our time and resources. Isn't that what the message of Christmas is all about?

I'm speaking of a virtual environment. A game which has caught the interests of many. For those of us who find ourselves spending way too much time in a fantasy land, allow me to share an inspirational thought.

In these games, people of all ages, races and nationalities work together in their virtual community by feeding each other's animals, offering extra bushels of harvested crops and giving fuel for energy. Other games allow players to open a business such as a bakery or a restaurant. Once again, our neighbors are there to work along side of us, as each 'builds' their own unique environment.

Some positive results include bridging the generation gap as a teen helps a senior; neighbors from other countries who speak a different language understand the language of social networking.

True, we must be productive and live in the real world, but real people manage the virtual world. Let's keep the spirit of Christmas all year long by extending our love and care for others inside and outside the virtual world.


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