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Social Network for Tea Fanatics


Plus, they have a great slogan, no?





Online social networks have become all the rage and experienced exponential growth especially in the past five years.  It seems today that there is a social network for just about everything, so don’t feel left out tea fans, there’s finally a place just for you. is the latest online hub for tea lovers.  It offers virtually all the other aspects of a social network, with added resources learn, grow, and share your love of tea!

Steepster is the first brainchild of three friends who started a company called Disrupto based out of New York City.  They aimed to create the most useful, informative, fun and yet simple way for tea connoisseurs to share their stories and broaden their beverage horizons.  Just like most other social networks, Steepster is free to join and allows you to create a profile with any name you choose, your favorite picture, and keeps track of your tea conquests.  There is also an application that will automatically post your updates to your Twitter account, as well.

The “Dashboard” is your home page where you can share what you’re drinking today or at the moment.  Make notes on your favorites or not-so-favorites to share your experiences with other tealoggers and read about theirs, too.   You can even scroll through the endless list of tea brands and types to find your current brew so that another tea-faring friend can try it, too!  Sift through teas by name, brand, type (like green or oolong), or add your own favorite to the list so other Steepsters can enjoy it as well!  If when browsing you find a tea you want to try, and it happens to be something you’re not too familiar with, put it on your “Shopping List”.  Steepster will keep a log of everything you add to the list, and even provide a direct link to purchase the tea online.  If you’d rather visit your nearest tea supplier and browse, however, each brand’s website lists your local tea distributors. 

Whether you decide to share your tea notes, blogs, picks, and updates with just friends, or the entire network, there’s no doubt you’ll learn something new every day.  Even if you’re not an experienced tea connoisseur, just a seasonal iced-tea drinker, Steepster will give you the resources you need to carry your tea drinking into the fall and allow you to connect with inspirational tea lovers from around the country!  Create your own free account and see if you can resist the tealogging.