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Social media update: Yahoo beats Apple to the punch with FoxyTunes music share


Just when you thought it couldn’t get getter with MySpace acquiring iLike right out of Facebook’s supposed grasp, Yahoo has now beat iTunes to the punch with a new multi-app music share update to FoxyTunes.


According to FoxyTunes’ blog, “Today we’re excited to announce that TwittyTunes is officially a default feature within FoxyTunes! In addition to Twitter we’ve add support for FacebookYahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Status. With these services we let you share on your own terms – you can manually send messages to your social networks as well as setting up automatic services like scrobbling."

FoxyTunes is a browser add-on that gives you the ability to control any media player while you’re browsing the web (iTunes,, Pandora, and  Windows Media Player).  With the new update plug-in TwittyTunes being added as a default feature, you can determine if want to manually or automatically share the music you’re listening to on your  iTunes player, for example, with your social network.

For bands, musicians, and fans interested in introducing or promoting their music faves to others,  it just keeps getting better.  Recently, the New York Times declared a death watch for the music biz.   The death knell may have been sounded entirely too early, however, for as Jamie, one of our readers, aptly noted in their recent comment about the NYT op-ed piece, the new music industry and the public are rapidly adapting to the seemingly endless grassroots possibilities constantly emerging from the world of social media.

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