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Social media turns into social currency at the Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

Social media has integrated itself into our everyday lives. A tweet here, a hash tag there, so renowned American fashion designer Marc Jacobs took social media matters into his own hands, and created an innovative way to market Daisy products at New York’s Fashion Week in February—by substituting money with “social currency.”

Not one cash register appeared at the Daisy Marc Jacobs Pop-Up Tweet Shop, instead a simple counter of fragrance samples that attendees could “buy” with any post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The only requirement being that each post contained the hash tag #MJDaisyChain.

In order to get ahold of other Marc Jacobs products on display, customers had to compete by creating the most creative post. According to TIME, Aimee Song, fashion blogger for Song of Style, helped to select the best posts of the night. Song reportedly has more than 1.2 million Instagram followers, and is definitely not a stranger in the social media sphere.

Marc Jacobs told TIME that although his February pop-up shop was similar to Kellogg’s 2012 Tweet Shop in London, it is entirely different.

“Marc is always leading the way in digital,” said Lori Singer, group vice president of global marketing for Coty Prestige in an article in TIME. “In the beauty space, and fashion space, this is the first of its kind.”

At the time of the February pop-up shop, 13,500 Tweets and 4,300 Instagram posts were sent, resulting in 770,000 likes and a tremendous amount of social media exposure for Marc Jacobs, according to Retail Detail.

Find the Marc Jacobs’ Tweet Shop up-and-running again in London and Amsterdam next week.

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