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Social media training for businesses heads to Cincinnati

Social Media Training in Cincinnati
Social Media Training in Cincinnati
Photo courtesy of Boot Camp Digital, used with permission

Sign up began this morning for Boot Camp Digital's 2-day social media boot camp. Boot Camp Digital, a Cincinnati social media training travels to major cities and helps businesses learn the basics of social media marketing, building strategy, and how-to see big results.

Normally hosted in cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and Austin, the Boot Camp Digital team, headquartered in Cincinnati, saw an opportunity to help regional businesses gain valuable experience and knowledge not typically available to companies outside the Fortune 500.

Cincinnati, a hub for digital marketing agencies that draw big brands with even bigger budgets for social media and internet marketing, is also home to countless small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and even government organizations that are investing in social media. Organizations with smaller budgets are often unable to outsource their social media management to a creative agency and opt to run social media in-house, often by untrained and inexperienced employees. In many cases these companies waste time and money without seeing any results.

The Boot Camp Digital team specializes in empowering businesses to self-manage their social media and create a competitive online presence. They insist that businesses can handle their own social media profiles and see extremely competitive results. Although the organization has worked with company's such as Google, P&G, NASA, and GE, they remain passionate about giving all businesses the knowledge to take their social media to the next level.

Participants in the social media training course will be treated to a unique style of training. With only 20 total participants accepted into the program it is intimate and highly engaging. Upon completion of the training, the boot camp participants will receive their social media certification. The certification will not only position individuals as experts in social media marketing, but will teach them very specific skills, actionable strategies, and tools for creating and executing a successful social media strategy.

Social media has become a must for nearly all businesses but how much is it actually helping improve business? Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital explains: "Over 90% of businesses are using social media but very few are seeing a positive return on their investment. In our 2-day training we teach you exactly how to use social media to achieve your business goals, grow your organization, increase awareness, and ultimately improve sales. We focus on getting real results, not just followers and fans"

The 2-day training sign up period began this morning and will continue until the June 23 and 24 class is filled. The Hamilton County Business Center, a startup incubator will play host to the social media training event. To sign up for the 2-day social media boot camp, head to or sign up here.

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