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Social media tips from the field, Volume III

Social Networking Traffic Tactics
Helpful Book: Social Network Traffic Tactics

As I have been sharing social media tips from the field this week, this series has become one of the top viewed posts for the Examiner. That is not just in Columbia, SC, but nationally too. The columns have also landed the #1 spot on Google searches for my social media keywords.

Following are more tips from the field as written from the sources themselves. If you find these tips helpful, please let me know with a comment below. If you use social media sites for business marketing purposes, feel free to share them in a comment or use my email link above. They may possibly be used in my upcoming social media book with your company information.

I would like to offer the following example from Cara Stewart, co-founder and CEO of WunderMarx ( Cara uses LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but this particular example is for LinkedIn. As the CEO and primary business development officer for WunderMarx|PR, Cara has ensured that her LinkedIn profile is 100 percent complete. This includes having recommendations from clients and previous employers. She also is active in the LinkedIn “Questions & Answers” section. She is ranked as a best-answers “expert” in Public Relations, Change Management and Writing & Editing. This has proven to be a valuable source of leads. Because of her LinkedIn status, two companies based in India seeking U.S. PR representation contacted Cara and WunderMarx, based on her recommendations, as well as associated links and content on her page. WunderMarx won these accounts, expanding their practice to three continents and bolstering the bottom line. Suzanne Collier

We definitely use social networking for our marketing. We use Facebook, Twitter, and our blog. We also post on larger sites that families go to find resources for childcare/camps. We've found that through doing this and search engine optimization with our website, that we are often listed may times on the first page of a search for "Boulder day camps." This helps us get customers from all over the country and world when they are visiting and have daytime childcare needs. We also post our events on several event calendars throughout the internet for this region, which also helps us. We just checked our status on the newest big one, Bing, and were listed 4 times out of 10 on the first page. Betsy Strohmaier

I manage the public relations for a large southwest law firm and have found that both Twitter and linked in have been great tools for marketing purposes. I have used Twitter to spread the word about events, attorney involvement, big announcements, and to connect with reporters both locally and nationally. I am currently putting together a presentation to share with my firm's 8 offices, showing our associates and parents how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. to avoid negative experiences, I am also working with the firm's IT and ethics departments to develop guidelines - for example, we don't want out attorneys to Twitter about cases they win without client permission.  Kasey Broach

I am a Co-founder of, a bargain hunting website.  To our knowledge we were the first deals website utilizing Twitter (we've posted over 4200 tweets!).  We've found Twitter to be a great marketing tool. We also recently secured  DeaLoco, a bootstrapped startup, has leveraged social media to grow our traffic by more than 1100% in the past year! DeaLoco is a site built by bargain hunters for bargain hunters.  Basically, we search the Internet every day seeking out deals from reputable retailers and post the best deals we find on the site.  One unique feature of our site is the "Grief Factor" rating we assign each deal.  The Grief Factor is a 1 through 5 rating that lets our users know at a glance the difficulty involved in pulling off the deal.  For example, a deal that requires a mail-in-rebate will have a high Grief Factor rating. Steve Cospolich

My company name is Honeywear, Inc. We have used ONLY a guerilla/grassroots marketing strategy, mainly through social networking sites.  We make silk and organic cotton baby carriers, and we are convinced that online social networking is the NEW wave of marketing, allowing manufacturers and retailers to connect directly with their clients, therefore creating a personal relationship.  With all of the distrust that consumers are currently experiencing, this person to person contact is becoming very important. We use Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn, among others.  These have all given fabulous results; We incorporated in January of 2007, and showed our first profit in the 3rd quarter of 2008, even in the current economic climate.   We have continued to show an increased profit since that quarter. Christen Ward

We have gained new translation clients from Twitter and we've used the site as a way to find new translators to work with. We subscribe to alerts for keywords that are used on Twitter and then we identify which tweets are from companies needing professional translation services.  Then, we reply to their tweet, saying that we may be able to help them out.  There is no hard sell here; it's more like being at an event and saying, "I overheard you say you're looking to have your website translated.  What exactly are you looking for?".  Sometimes we're ignored while other times we go off the site and start communicating directly. One client came in as a result of him following my business partner on Twitter.  When he needed a Spanish speaker for a voice over project, he contacted her directly..  We not only did the voice over, we also translated the scripts which he had planned on giving to a competitor of ours. Janine Libbey

I probably use Twitter the most. I am a small PR firm. I use Twitter to advertise what I am working on ie  press release, photo editing, etc. It helps people identify that task with you. I did receive some business directly from being on linked in, although it was a very small project. Joyce Boncal


For me social media is the best place to find an attract new customers for my consulting business. Places like Twitter make it easy for you to search for and connect with people in your target group. From there on you build the relationship, show your knowledge, grow your authority and hopefully get customers.Marko Saric


Newell Rubbermaid is a FORTUNE 500 global marketer of consumer and commercial products. Several of our brands including Sharpie, Rubbermaid and Graco have blogs and are using Twitter and other social media tools to enable two-way conversations with consumers. Bert Dumars, our VP of Interactive Marketing and eBusiness.  Bert champions the use of social media tools for all of our brands and encourages employees to become “brand ambassadors” online. Additionally, he oversees the development and evolution of our social media policy and conducts training for our marketing, customer service and other employees who want to utilize social media as a way to connect with and better serve our consumers. Connie Bryant  http:///

I work for a strategic marketing and event planning firm, and we use Twitter and Facebook to keep our audience up to date about our latest events. Not only do we find it to be an excellent way to keep our audience informed of what we're up to, but we find it's also an effective way to receive feedback about our events or events that people would like to see in the future. Chanelle Cotton

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    We have been testing various social marketing methods including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and our own social network and have seen double digit increases in new consumers each time we post.

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