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Social media threats at California high school raise fears of UCSB copycat

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Less than a week after the murderous rampage that left six UC Santa Barbara students dead, several threats of violence on Twitter sent such a scare through a high school seven hours north that many students missed their last day of school.
Three teens have been arrested in connection with a panic created by a post on Instagram and a series of tweets.
Administrators at Whitney High School in Rocklin, California were alerted to threatening messages on Twitter Thursday that named May 30 as a day of campus violence.
The tweets said, “Guys I’m the shooter.,” “Bang Bang,” and “7’oclock be at Whitney in the small gym.”
Rocklin Police Chief Captain Lon Milka said the danger heightened because of an Instagram message on a profile created seven weeks ago that read “Whitney High School new world order 5/30/14.’”
Police investigated the profile and found the threat was not credible.
When rumors surfaced again this week officials at the school in this affluent suburb near Sacramento alerted parents with a message home. The scare caused so many students to miss classes that some final exams had to be postponed until next week.
Some students and parents expressed concern that the students behind the threats were copying the actions of Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old former Santa Barbara City College student who killed six and wounded 13 in Isla Vista on May 23.
In social media videos and posts Rodgers left behind misogynistic messages of hate and alienation.
Today the social media backlash in Rocklin against the two minors and 18-year old arrested for the threatening posts spread across platforms.
One parent who did not want to be named said, “This is getting so scary.”
Many gave credit to the school district and police on their handing of the matter.
“I am choosing to focus on what went right to stop this,” said another parent. “Kids talked, parents called the school, officials took the threat seriously and arrests were made. No ‘what ifs’ today.”