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Social media technology: has new tool for press releases

Originally published on Technorati

Fans and users attend the Samsung Galaxy Tab S global premiere event at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on June 12, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Samsung, a division of Sharewell Capital Group (SHCG), has a new social media technology to help corporate clients, content creators, journalists, advertisers, marketing executives, bloggers, and public relations professionals generate online publicity. BuzzSignal syndicates content and conducts a social media campaign to hundreds, and often thousands of users, in order to maximize the content’s ability to go viral. The Atlanta-based company claims that the technology initiates reader interactions through “social signals”.

LinkMyStock is one of a growing number of firms attempting to capitalize on the need for high traffic due to trending topics and shares on social media. The shift in strategy reflects where people are spending their time while browsing on their laptop or smartphone.

After Google, Facebook is the second most visited website in the world. Twitter has over 200 million regular users. Earlier this month, Google-owned YouTube announced that it now has more than one billion users per month.

The marketplace is adjusting to Google’s search algorithm by offering ways to get “social votes” which has increasingly played a bigger role in getting content to surface high with favorable SERPs. Traditional media has lost some of its web traffic due to the evolving ways in which people view and interact with content.

People share and pay attention to what everyone else is paying attention to, a phenomenon often referred to as “social proof”. Sharing through social networks is word-of-mouth marketing done digitally.

The company describes itself as a global news and press release distribution outlet that enables clients to promote their content such as press releases, business profiles, announcements, reports, newsletters, interviews, and blogs. The website operates on a subscription model which can run from nearly $1,000 to $2,500 per year. It also accepts one-off charges for single press releases. LinkMyStock partners with a variety of news websites to promote client content.

Social media marketing is a growing field in which a variety of providers distribute content to a select number of social networks. The service also reflects the extremely crowded nature of the Internet in which companies and advertisers are fighting for precious traffic.

The company is betting that social influence will play an increasingly important role in generating traffic and online buzz. It also believes that “social proof” is a crucial factor in generating viral traffic.

Since 2012, Google has implemented stricter editorial policies to ensure that high quality content surface to the top of search results. To maintain or improve SEO rankings for clients, the company employs a number of editors to provide quality control.

In addition to staffing writers Link My Stock has employed a number of editors to ensure content being distributed meets the required standards of a press release as well as a news release.

As Google’s criteria continues to evolve, expect SEO service providers to closely follow suit.

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