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Social media simplified

Social Media Do's and Don'ts
Social Media Do's and Don'ts
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If you have never used social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many, many more it can all be overwhelming. We are going to break it down in the simplest terms and add in do's and don'ts. The first think you need to decide is why you want to use a social media platform.

There are two reasons one uses social media:

  • Business
  • Pleasure


You have a few options for each. LinkedIn is a professional site many use it to gain credibility, get endorsements and scout out other job opportunities. Business professional are no stranger to Facebook but be advised Facebook is changing things up in the way of minimizing free advertising these days.

The other big one professionals use is Twitter. There professional have free reign of promoting products and service with just a few words.

The do's of professional networking:

1. Use a current headshot this helps get your profile noticed on any social media site.
2. Fill out as much of the profile information that you can without compromising your safety.

Example: Business address 'yes' Home address 'no'.

3. LinkedIn gives you the ability to post out a summary. You will either be summarizing the different tasks you have been working at your current job building factional credibility or you will be pitching the fact you are looking to explore other options.
4. Facebook and LinkedIn both allow you to list work experience. While Twitter, gives you a 5-second window to sum it up in a sentence or two.
5. You can also upload photos, videos, presentations, resume's each one of these sites give you the ability to display your talent.

The don'ts of professional networking:

1. Don't add Aunt Sally unless she owns a business or knows a lot about networking and will share, like, follow and comment in a professional supportive manner.
2. Don't post out status updates about those parties you go too.
3. This one here is a gray area that many feel they can get away with; but in the end of the day, a personal connection can posts that one message that leaves your track record not in the best standing. Do not add to many friends to your professional network unless they are co-workers.
4. Don't post at lot of personal on your professional network unless you are doing it in the way of sharing something professional you support.
5. Posting you're looking for a new job to early could cost you the job you have.


A lot of people use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Google+, just remember safety first when using the World Wide Web. Most platforms have privacy settings and notifications setting so before you make your first official post make sure your settings are set to what you desire and not the site your own. A good rule of thumb; is to always assume everything is public.

Facebook vs Google+:

There's a lot of talk about which is better and we've asked members who network on both sites just what their thoughts were and here's what they had to say:


Robert Gregory Browne
Authorpreneur a Braun Haus Media
I am self-employed and Facebook is like the office water cooler...

Jeannie Faulkner Barber
Thank you, Wendy. As a published author FB is one of the streamlined, facets of free marketing that is available for the 'masses' today. So I appreciate being able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Joseph P. Bovenzi
Ah Facebook, it is a love hate relationship! We were just talking in a production meeting the other night, on how it would be nice, to not have to rely on FB for marketing. FB is a great marketing tool however; some of the stuff that goes on with the FB platform can be annoying. Positives for FB - Finding old friends, I love this! As an author and local business owner FB is a tremendous marketing tool in my process. My books have sold all over the globe because of FB. FB also works as a prayer tool where many of us can join in-group prayer within minutes and there is nothing wrong with that. Negatives - We meet some weird people there, not everyone agrees on everything and that alone causes many problems, and in my opinion, I think the number one negative about FB is people can easily misunderstand what someone is saying. Tons of unfriending has happened because of this. It is here to stay and I need it.
Thanks Wendy!


Darren Lee
I was so annoyed with myself that as soon as I grabbed my phone the first thing I would do was to hit the Facebook icon. I have now moved it to the end page so it is not there when the screen comes on. It was more of a habit than actually enjoying the experience, for me it is just friends/family bragging about where they are, or moaning about something. Since I have moved the icon, I rarely go on Facebook now. Google+ is a much more positive experience, and I have learnt so much more from here. Thank you G+

Kai Storm
G+ has helped me share my novels to more & more people every day; it is a great connection tool.

Dejan Kordoski
G+ is a wonderful place to share ideas and communicate with huge spectra of people and large communities on a global level. This is a base of intellectual exchange, which I feel cannot be achieved on Facebook.

Let us not leave out pinterest. Piniterest, is well known for being dominated by woman. Twitter seems to be in the mix of it all; for updating those events one is act, traveling moments or even what is happening out your back door.