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Social media self-marketing

Self-marketing through social media is extremely easy if you already have accounts in place on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Wordpress. Your contact on these sites are warm leads towards new networking contacts. Since you have already developed a relationship with your warm leads, its easier for you to ask them for:

Social Media offers great opportunities to expand your network
  • other contacts
  • advice
  • a resume review
  • practice interview time
  • an internship to expand your skills and contacts

And as easy as it is for you to ask, its just as hard for them to deny your request.

Your warm networking contacts can lead to introductions to corporate higher ups, which will allow you to bypass the Human Resource gatekeepers or administrative assistants. (Don't get me wrong, these are lovely people who are worth knowing, but they don't have the final say in approving your next job.)

As you begin to expand your network, begin to think outside your industry so you can make your skills as transferable as possible. You want to be able to fit into as many different sectors as possible to increase your chances of getting a job. Keep in mind that any connection through social media or email should be clean and professional. You want to make the best impression you possibly can! Create a professional-sounding email account, and revamp your Facebook page so there are no keg party photos.

Don't let social media be your only outlet for self-marketing, however. Find out professional organizations in your industry and join them. Attend a professional conference. These in-person options for self-marketing not only help you practice your interpersonal skills, but also allow you to build relationships with the companies who could potentially hire you.

If you cannot afford membership or conference fees, ask teachers, church members, community members, neighbors, local business owners (literally anyone you can think of) for connections to people in your field. Offering to do freelance work for a minimal fee can help promote your brand, give you work experience, and allow you to earn extra cash.

Remember that self-marketing is about being innovative! Be creative. Stay positive. And good luck!

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