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Social Media Seems Here to Stay

You’ve got your curmudgeons, your Luddites, your naysayers and your doubters.
But it appears that Social Media is here to stay. Just like rock n roll, there’ve been people and pundits of all stripes and persuasions that have said LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter will soon die off and go away.
I don’t think so. Neither do thousands of marketing types of all ages and backgrounds.

Marketing types seem to have readily acknowledged Social Media’s meteoric rise. Salespeople have been a slow in adoption. But many are coming around.

Good CRM packages, such as Sage ACT!, have already jumped on the bandwagon.

Since version 2009, ACT! has had a Social Media “portal” that the marketing and sales person can use to their advantage. A tab on ACT!’s set of horizontally-arranged tab bar named “Web Info” gives the ACT! user one place to see all the Social Media activities of a given contact.

At a glance, the user can see:
• A contact’s Plaxo profile
• A contact’s Facebook profile
• A contact’s LinkedIn profile
• A Google Maps map of the contact’s address
• Yahoo Local Info
• The weather in the contact’s area
• And in ACT! version 2010 and newer, the ability to look up corporate info on Hoovers data

And this “Web Info” portal provides this information within the ACT! program. No need to launch a browser and go to these individual sites. (Remember though, that in order to see the above profiles, you’ll need to have an account for each site. So, in order to see someone’s LinkedIn profile, you yourself will need a LinkedIn profile.)

So, the smart sales rep is going to use the tools at hand to be an active participant in selling in the Social Media age.


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