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Social media recruiting may not work

Read the survey of employers using social media
Read the survey of employers using social media
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According to Software Advice HR & recruiting researcher, Erin Osterhaus, a recent survey revealed that 91 percent of employers use social networks to screen prospective employees. But do most job seekers realize that employers are weighing social media so heavily? And are these social profiles a fair representation of job seekers as professionals?

Software Advice interviewed recruiters to see what red flags they look for when reviewing a candidate’s social media profiles. Then, they created an online survey to find out whether the red flags recruiters use to size up candidates matched with common social media practices among job seekers. They collected a total of 1,542 responses from randomly selected adults within the United States. Here’s what the survey found.

Key Takeaways:

  • Only 66 percent of respondents reported having a social media presence—though many recruiters view this as a red flag.
  • The majority of social media users do not always ensure their social media profiles match their resume.
  • Most social media users do not speak poorly of their current or previous employers.

My Take

As a former recruiter and executive, I can say with confidence that social media recruiting is here to stay. LinkedIn in particular has changed the way all recruiters work. In the past, recruiters had to make many phone calls just to find one viable candidate for their open positions. Now they can conduct a massive search via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

If you are not using LinkedIn, you are going to be left behind. And if your profile isn't up to snuff, shame on you. There are many great articles on websites such as CareerAdvisorDaily about the proper way to use LinkedIn and Facebook for your job search. It is time to update your social media presence on these sites.

To learn more about the findings from Software Advice Survey of Employers that use social media.

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