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Social media platform revolutionizes modeling

This summer, a revolutionary social media platform app will transform the modeling industry, taking it into the digital age and it is called Persofolio.
This summer, a revolutionary social media platform app will transform the modeling industry, taking it into the digital age and it is called Persofolio.

The digital age continues to impressively revolutionize the fashion industry in new and exciting ways.

This coming summer, the modeling industry will take one step further into the future. A new app and software called Persofolio will launch as the freshest and most innovative social media platform ever to greet the world of style.

Although society moves forward in amazing ways, influenced by technological advances on a day to day basis, the $10+ billion modeling industry has remained unchanged for decades in the way it conducts its business. Persofolio will go above and beyond the more limiting software that the modeling agents normally use to schedule and manage models. This newest app will offer a series of advanced analytics tools that leverage a sleek social media interface to bridge the communication gap between models, agents and brands. Members of Persofolio will be able to pair high-quality, portfolio ready snapshots with the most up-to-date performance data. Furthermore, they will be able to send these ready-made portfolios to key decision makers anywhere across the globe. In addition, it will serve as a digital networking platform and scouting tool that has the advantage of facilitating business communication in real time and across any device.

What is even more helpful is that clients will be easily able to interact, give feedback to agents and book models directly with minimal agency interaction as they rely on the app. With just one search, brands will have the ability to use powerful search engines to get only the best portfolio from many different agencies.

The success behind Persofolio is the team of experts that used their real-world experiences to create what certainly promises to be the winning app.

"Social media has been the elephant in the room within the modeling world for years," says Persofolio founder, Dino Fulgencio, who helped build some of the most popular modeling industry software platforms used today. "There is so much potential for models and agencies to utilize new avenues of communication to expand their presence, and that is exactly what we have set out to do. Our goal is to provide one coherent platform on which models, agents and brands can interact, allowing for transparency within the industry, which currently does not exist."

The initial launch will start with Persofolio¹s scouting app in the summer of 2014 to select modeling agencies and aspiring models. The platform¹s full capabilities will be introduced over the course of 2014 and 2015.

It is only meant to be proven that Persofolio will become the premiere career tool that will change the game for models, agents, photographers, fashion designers and stylists as we approach the future. With Persofolio, the modeling industry will be well equipped to keep up with the digital demands of its 21st century clientele.

There could be nothing more simple than being able to snap, send and connect.

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