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Social Media Marketing With Pinterest

Social media is an excellent way to promote your business. Social media uses customer interactions and experiences to make more buying decisions than any other form of advertising today. Through eras of Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, social media marketing has proven to be the most cheap and effective method of advertising businesses on-line.

One of the largest buying decisions in anyone's life is: the purchase of a vehicle. Car dealerships must take advantage of social media marketing in order to succeed in today's competitive market. When car dealerships choose to place their advertisements on-line, they expose their deals to millions of potential customers. When car dealerships place their advertisements on social media marketing – actual customers are able to share their opinions about the business through personal reviews.

Lately, Pinterest has become the new and upcoming social media website. Pinterest combines pictures, reviews, ratings, and open comments into a business' website. When word-of-mouth advertising becomes friend referrals – a sale is guaranteed to take place.

As we know, the car buying industry is one of the most competitive and referral-dependent businesses. Therefore, using social media marketing such as Pinterest is the cheapest and most effective way of advertising your car dealership.

Advertising your car dealership on-line does not require a website designer, IT employee, or any type of Internet savvy genius to create your business website. With a simple photo upload, a text description of the business, and a business logo – you have your own Pinterest site ready to go.

What's the best part about Pinterest?
It's free.

You can sign up for a Pinterest account at their website, After joining, you will be instructed to upload your car dealership's logo and to provide basic information about your business. Creating a website for your business is easy, effective, and only takes a total of 30 minutes.

Once you have created your Pinterest profile, share the link to your Pinterest site with customers. You can also offer various incentives in order to have customers review their car purchase experience. When customers give you a great review for any local business, especially a car dealership, the Jones' effect takes place within any Pinterest visitor's mind. This “pushes the customer over the edge” with their buying decision, and a sales close cannot be easier for your car dealership employees. With a positive mind-frame from a new customer based on reviews, the customer has already closed their own sale.

In other words, it is much easier to purchase a vehicle with confidence when you have heard a positive experience from another customer instead of a salesman.

In addition to customers providing their sales experience, it also allows your sales employees to maintain contact with their customers. We obviously know how important that repeat sales are to car businesses. Repeat sales are just as important as referrals, and repeat sales are much more likely to happen when customers remain in communication with their car salesman.

Customers can post pictures of themselves on your Pinterest profile with their new car, providing a unique experience for your customer; as well as a free advertisement for your business. Advertising has never been easier with social media marketing.

Social media is truly an amazing way to promote any business; especially a car dealership. Creating repeat business, easy referrals, and free business exposure is just what social media marketing can do for your business. Pinterest makes it easy, and seems to be the new “fad” among Internet users today.

Sign up for your free account today at Pinterest, and see for yourself just how effective that social media marketing can be.